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Residential areas sometimes are at risk of drinking unsafe water forcing them to use water purification methods in order to get rid of the risk. This technology also benefits those places which are exposed to different substances that may affect the water source. More so, there are instances when areas that have high mineral content cause kettles to have some unwanted residues. Let’s try to discuss the water purifiers/filters in the market.

Firstly, there’s the faucet filter which is directly attached to a faucet. This type directly filters the water coming out of it. Famous manufacturers of this kind are GE, Brita and Pur. There’s also what you call pitch filters. This type of water purifier takes in a certain amount of water and then drains it gradually through a filter. The filtered water is collected and placed in a pitcher as reserve. Brita and Pur also make this kind of product.

Refrigerators also complement themselves with a water filter. Companies like Whirpool, Brita or Frigidaire takes off the lime scale, chlorine and foul smells from the water. The mechanism of this type puts the filter inside the door of the fridge and it dispenses the water by means of a faucet for easy access.

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