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Many households have a limited space in their laundry rooms and this is where the washer/dryer combo fits in. Many manufacturers produce washer/dryer combos and what’s great about them is that they usually do not require an air vent unlike normal dryers. They are easily installed in apartments. Washer/dryer combos may not be as effective as having a separate washer and dryer but they are heavily popular and are being patronized by those who live in small apartments or households with limited space.


Washer/dryer Combos are powered by either gas or electricity. They can be either front- or top-loading. Their widths are either 24 or 27 inches. When looking for a model, it is recommended that you look for a model that’s efficient, the kind which carries the Energy Star logo. It should also be quiet. One important thing to take note of is that bigger-brand models will often be easier to  repair. However, there is some advice that’s specific to washer/dryer combos. As an example, there are many models that can plug straight into a standard 110-volt power socket. Because of this, you do not need to have a heavy-duty socket installed.

Do not forget to before buying as the extra cost of having a new socket installed can be a little heavy on the pocket. Recently, there are more models that offer many of the wash programs that you will most probably see in separate washers, including hand wash and wool wash settings. There are also some that offer dry-only modes. One very important thing that you should put into consideration is that washer/dryer combos are not an alternative to separate ones. Purchase them only if you have limited space in your house for the drying time for clothes is longer and may leave them slightly damp. The load capacity is limited to 15 pounds which is lower compared to a stand-alone washer.

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