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Toasters are not exclusively for toasting bread but also for other kinds like muffins, crumpets, toasties and bagels. The two types of toasters are the ones with slots are the ones shelves. Between the two, the slot toasters are more common. These are cheap, small and easy to use toasters. These types are usually found in household kitchens. However, the slots make it hard for users to toast breads with different sizes apart from the usual square version. To solve this, you can purchase those with wider slots that will let you toast thicker slices of breads. Some models contain some wiring that pops up above the slots to let rolls fit.

Kitchenaid Toasters
Kitchenaid Toasters

Large oven toaster models allow more than the usual breads for toasting. Muffins, sandwiches or pizzas alike can be accommodated by these models. For additional features, you can consider the crumb trays, thermostat for keeping the toasting temperature at the desired level, and a broiling feature for hamburgers. Furthermore, there are versions that contain a self-cleaning feature.

Prices differ in terms of the appearance and the features. A 10 USD two slot toaster can be used for years and serve its purpose. If your budget will allow, you can venture into the more luxurious types of toasters. Expensive toasters can start at a few hundred dollars.

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