SHAREFUNBAY 2021 New Drone 4k HD Dual Camera Visual Positioning 1080P WiFi Fpv Drone Height Preservation Rc Quadcopter

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Product Information:

Size: 30-50CM
Applicable people: unlimited
Packing: portable gift box
Toy material: plastic
Item No.: HJ97
Whether it is exclusively for foreign trade: No
3C configuration category: toys over 14 years old
Color: HJ97-gray-without camera-1 battery, HJ97-black-without camera-1 battery, HJ97-gray-720P camera-1 battery, HJ97-gray-720P camera-2 battery, HJ97-gray-720P camera -3 battery, HJ97-black-720P camera-1 battery, HJ97-black-720P camera-2 battery, HJ97-black-720P camera-3 battery, HJ97-gray-1080P camera-1 battery, HJ97-gray-1080P camera -2 battery, HJ97-gray-1080P camera-3 battery, HJ97-black-1080P camera-1 battery, HJ97-black-1080P camera-2 battery, HJ97-black-1080P camera-3 battery, HJ97-gray-4K camera -1 battery, HJ97-gray-4K camera-2 battery, HJ97-gray-4K camera-3 battery, HJ97-black-4K camera-1 battery, HJ97-black-4K camera-2 battery, HJ97-black-4K camera -3 battery, HJ97 dedicated module battery, HJ97-gray-4K dual lens-1 battery, HJ97-black-4K dual lens-1 battery
Total take-off weight: 0-250g (not included)
Maximum flying altitude: 0~120 meters (inclusive)
Empty weight: 0-1.5kg (inclusive)
Applicable age: Youth (15-35 years old)

Additional information

Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 220 × 160 × 60 cm

Black1080P camera1 battery, Black1080P camera2 battery, Black1080P camera3 battery, Black4K camera1 battery, Black4K camera2 battery, Black4K camera3battery, Black4K dual lens1 battery, Black720P camera1 battery, Black720P camera2 battery, Black720P camera3 battery, Blackwithout camera1 battery, Gray1080P camera1 battery, Gray1080P camera2battery, Gray1080P camera3 battery, Gray4K camera1battery, Gray4K camera2 battery, Gray4K camera3 battery, Gray4K dual lens1 battery, Gray720P camera1 battery, Gray720P camera2 battery, Gray720Pcamera3battery, Graywithout camera1 battery


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